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Albatronics is a privately owned company founded in 1996. Based in southern Israel, at Omer Technology Park, the company provides hardware and software applications and supplies research and development for leading telecommunications, military and high-tech companies in Israel including: Israel Aircraft Industries (ELTA, MLM, Lahav, MMG), Mobileye, Runcom, Verint. Albatronics has vast experience in defining, designing and developing Real Time (RT) applications up to system prototype and small scale production.


Albatronics' competitive advantage resides in its capacity as an experienced and dedicated research facility. This enables the company to provide an efficient and rapid response to changing market requirements and supply custom-made products supported by in depth research, .


By harnessing its professional staff, applying its unique know-how and leveraging its position as a leading developer of cutting edge telecommunications hardware, Albatronics enables high-tech companies to achieve quality work in short periods of time.


Albatronics also has its own line of products. The main product is a standalone system that supplies the capabilities of high performance signal processing, such as IF recording system and frequency division multiplexer, integrated on systems in COMINT and Intelligence .


Albatronics' fields of expertise are :

•  Signal Processing systems

•  Wireless and wired communication

•  Frequency Division Modulation

•  Waveform recording

•  Voice over IP

•  Embedded systems

•  PC systems

•  Ethernet: 10/100/1,000/ 10,000 Mbps

•  digital video Technology

•  Telecommunication: ATM, xDSL, Ex/tx standards, HDLC, STM…


Albatronics has the experience with Real Time Operating Systems such as:

•  Embedded Linux.

•  Integrity.

•  VxWorks.

•  pSOS.

•  VRTX.

•  Private RTOS.


Albatronics has the know-how in the development, based on different kinds of processors and technologies, such as:



Freescale Power QUICC I, II,III - MPC82xx, MPC85xx

Freescale Power PC - MPC75x, MPC74xx

IBM 440GP, 440GX, Intel Pentium XX

RISC ARM XX processors


TI C5xx, C642

 Freescale 56xx


NIOS within Altera FPGAs

 IBM 405 within Xilinix FPGAs

FPGA series

Altera - Cyclone, cyclone-III, Stratix, Stratix-II

Xilinx - Virtex, virtex 2 pro, Virtex 4, Virtex 5,  SPARTAN3

PGA series

Mostly MAX EPMxx and others



Albatronics is involved in the preliminary stages of project development up until the prototype's delivery and integration. The Company has the expertise and the experience to guide each stage of the process:

•  Hardware design & development

•  Software design & development

•  FPGA chips design using high-level language

•  System integration

•  Mechanical design

•  Small scale production 

•  Test procedure and Testing

•  Documentation

•  Constant maintenance service


Albatronics can also provide solutions for Data and Voice Recording & Replay systems for a variety of applications.

Formed by an expert team of dedicated professionals, Albatronics is proud to supply quality hardware, software and research solutions of tomorrow.