SIGINT products
SIGINT Products

  MCDC100XX Product Family

A group of products based on the MCDC module (a Multi Channel Down Converter), designed by Albatronics as a common platform for various Software/ firmware defined applications, such as: IF recorder/ analysis, FDM demodulator, DF etc.  The MCDC Module consists of analog and digital boards, fit for standard PCI/64 bit Bus, as well as standalone configuration, operated via Ethernet LAN interface

?   Up and down conversion is performed by the MCDC100XX no need for additional components

?  Powered by a Power QUICC III (MPC8560) and two Xilinx Virtex-II pro FPGAs, the MCDC100XX provides outstanding performance up to 100Mega Hz

?  Support various standard interfaces: 1GB LAN, E1, Optical 2.5 Gbps

?  Fast and efficient A/D and D/A

?  Wide band, high resolution and high Decimation/ extrapolation Digital Down/Up convert

?  Two independent IF inputs and two IF outputs