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professional services

Albatronics Professional Services will assist you in delivering the most professional combined Hardware and Software Systems including any required mechanical solution. The system solution will be modular and upgradeable. Short response time and translation of customer requirements into operational solutions are some of our most important key values.

Our experts will assist you in starting your project from the definition and requirement analysis phases, through the design and development phases or even provide you with a full turn-key solution based on your ideas. A long term commitment of the company for maintaining and upgrading your products will follow.

We have enormous experience in specifying, designing and delivering products that integrate hardware and software to meet your requirements for specific functionalities. Albatronics specializes in designing, developing and producing small scale of applications in the wireline and wireless telecommunication, traffic control, digital communication, analog to digital and in the digital to analog processing arenas.

The sub-contructing will be provided in the following fashions:

  •  Initial consultation regarding requirement analysis, and product specification design
  • Engineering Implementation services based on the customer design
  • Delivery of complete turn-key solutions

The company possesses large experience in integrating and developing embedded software and hardware, hence it can reduce your project risks by properly defining your requirements and by shortening time to market with faster deliverables. Albatronics development services cover many aspects:

System, mechanics, hardware, software, integration, testing, production elements and production files as described in the following sections. Our experts will assist you with long term maintenance and solution upgrade phases as required.