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Integration & testing


The quality of integration is the key for excellent and high value final delivery.

Albatronics has an extensive experience in integrating various types of analog and digital applications e.g. analog sensors, video cameras and digital processing units. The integration is tested by the QC department with unit and module inspection, to ensure compliance with the specifications.


Providing our customers with the best quality and with long lasting operational solutions is our flagship. Therefore, Albatronics considers the testing aspect to be one of the most important elements of the product development process, and our deliverables are well tested.

An assortment of testing procedures is applied
to the developed solution throughout the entire development phase, up to the final delivery milestone, maximizing the deliverable quality. The various tests include mandatory and project specific ones, provided by Albatronics to ensure best price performance and quality results:

- Unit tests

- Visual inspection

- Environmental tests

- Final Acceptance Tests (FAT)

- Acceptance Test Results (ATR)